AVAILABLE SOON – Young Achiever Playbook: Planning To Achieve

YAP Front Cover

NURTURE. LEARN. WORK. LEAD. These are the Four Pillars of Prosperity. To lay the foundation for the kind of achievement that leads to prosperity, Author J. A. Faulkerson believes Young Achievers must:

  • Embrace their obligations as friends and prospective spouses and parents, knowing the quality of these relationships leads to universal understanding, reconciliation and peace;
  • Develop an appreciation for lifelong learning, knowing a scholastic focus sets the stage for future prosperity;
  • Adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, knowing passions can be packaged for value and profit; and
  • Change communities for the better, knowing selfless investments of time, talent, treasure and testimony do more to unite than divide.

Throughout the pages of Young Achiever Playbook: Planning To Achieve, J. A. bears his soul, recounting how an arthritic hip condition, and the end of his athletic career, fostered a newfound commitment to becoming better in all of these areas. He describes the process he used to develop an Adult LIFE Vision, and how this vision allowed him to pursue roles that are synonymous with laying firmer foundations for prosperous living.

Ultimately, J. A. Faulkerson lets Young Achievers know prosperity is not only measured in dollars and cents. It is also measured by the consideration and concern that causes them to care about others, and the righteous actions they take to overcome obstacles and achieve desirable outcomes.

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