100 BM Photo 2Jeffery Faulkerson is a Strategist | Author | Speaker with Culturally Coded Content. For over 20 years, he has worked as a nonprofit administrator and direct service professional with various nonprofit and governmental agencies, his latter years being spent supervising personnel in the delivery of client services.  Grant proposals and letters that he has written for nonprofit organizations have leveraged monetary and in-kind support.  Jeffery’s writing portfolio also includes articles and columns written for print and electronic publications.

Jeffery earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Tennessee, where he also completed Print-Journalism coursework through the College of Communications.

Culturally Coded Content offers services that fall under the broad categories of Community Relations/Marketing, Nonprofit Strategic SolutionsParent Education & Support and Book Publishing & Coaching.  Jeffery is also available as a speaker to share tailored content with small and large audiences.

To schedule a FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION, click here to complete the Service Request Form.

Culturally Coded Content WEP


Dr. Kaye Show Interview with Troy Hill (March 2, 2015)

NewsOne Now with Roland S. Martin (June 12, 2014)

Black and Married with Kids (BMWK) with Heather Hopson (November 8, 2012)

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